5 Tips for Effective Web Writing

5 Tips for Effective Web Writing



5 Tips for Effective Web Writing


When you are writing content for online publication and reading, you should know that it is altogether a different ball game than writing for traditional print mediums like newspapers, magazines or a book. Most of the readers online would prefer go through the content quickly before deciding to read the whole content properly. Only if they find the online content or article compelling enough in that quick scan, they would like to read the article properly or they might just skip to other website. However there are a few tips for effective web writing one could use. A few of them are mentioned here –


1. Organize your content – Organizing your content for online publication so that you have a headings, sub-headings etc. will help not only help the reader to quickly overview the content but, also help him or her to read on a particular topic or heading he or she might be more interested in. Moreover, an organized content looks cleaner and thus, more professional.


2. Keep it short and simple – Long texts or paragraphs can bully most of the online readers away. They would rather like to see the content broken up into small pieces of paragraphs than long ones, which when they start reading could seem longer and requires more patience to read. With readers having a lot more options on the Internet, even a single break while reading a long paragraph, could make them click away from your content to another one.


3. Emphasize on important lines – Even though you would highlight your headings, sub-headings using bold option, you should still consider emphasizing on other important lines within your paragraph, which you think ought to be read even while scanning through the content. Strong and important statements should be highlighted either by using coloured text or using bold option. It could attract the attention and awake a curiosity in the mind of the reader while he or she would be taking a quick glance at the content.


4. Keep your audience in mind – You could know in and out through a particular topic you are writing on and would want to use terms and jargons that would strike a connection with relevant reader online. It does work if your target audience has always been and would always be the people who are from the inside world of the topic you write on. However, if your article is open to people from all walks of life, you should consider avoiding jargons that would only confuse the people who have just come to gain some extra knowledge through your content.


5. Consider having RSS feeds for your articles – If you want your articles or content to spread across a wide spectrum of online readers, you might want to make use of RSS feeds so that your writings can reach a large number of online readers as other websites can pick up your article to share it with more readers online. WordPress users by default, have RSS feeds enabled on their posts.


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