7 Secrets for Writing That Successful Resume

7 Secrets for Writing That Successful Resume



7 Secrets for Writing That Successful Resume


“Resume is a mirror to your credentials, a reflection of your abilities”


Resume is undoubtedly, the first and the most important element in the job search process. It holds the power to take you up the horizon but if not written and presented in an effective way it can even take you down the drain. Writing an effective, remarkable, and winning resume is the first step to a successful career.


By definition, resume is just a document comprising all the good things and happenings of the past as well as the desires, objective, and wish list for a bright future. Aesthetically, it showcases your credentials, abilities, talents, experience, skills, and achievements. Moreover, you are making your first impression on a prospective employer through this career document. Certainly it has to be compelling in a way that it can set you apart from the tough competition in the job market.


To help you create the perfect first impression, here are 10 secrets for writing that successful resume:


1.    : Resume strategy involves in-depth research and understanding of what the prospective employer is looking for and how your experiences and credentials can add value to their business goals.

2.     Stay Focused: It is very important to stay focused while creating a resume. Create a complete document of your certifications, degrees, skills, experiences and personal traits and then omit the portions that seem to be irrelevant. Minimize your resume content to only what is relevant and fits perfectly to the needs of the target employer.

3.     Keep all the Sections at the Right Place: Resumes have a standard format with a categorization of your personal details, educational qualifications, work experiences and achievements. Place each section in its perfect position with short descriptions and bullet points wherever possible.

4.     Provide a Distinguished Summary: Your summary section should contain a summary of your distinguished skills and achievements rather than a generic statement of your personal traits. The summary is a significant overview of your past experiences and acts as a sale pitch to sell your credentials in the job market.

5.     Mention a Clear Objective: Keep the objective of your resume short yet expressive. It should be clear in communicating your career goals and target positions in just a sentence or two. Keep it valuable and present yourself as a perfect solution.

6.     Use Energetic and Meaningful Words:Use action-oriented and value-driven words that encompass your achievements, accomplishments, expertise, awards, milestones, honors and certifications. These words are powerful enough to grab employer’s attention in just a glance. Few of such words include increased efficiency, reduced cost, employee retention, innovative ideas, leading, problem resolution and hiring.

7.     Enlighten Your Success Story: Your success story is what the target employer is really keen to know about. Portray it in a way that it showcases how you have been delivering profitable results all through your career journey. Let the target employer know how effectively you have been dealing with work challenges and making significant contributions to the business goals of all the companies you have worked with. List your achievements in bullet points so as to highlight your expertise and experiences.



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