All about Wordpress Hosting

All about Wordpress Hosting



All about Wordpress Hosting


Wordpress hosting is yet another type of web hosting which provides web hosting services to novices and beginners in the web hosting industry. Wordpress, being an open source, provides tools and features for creating attractive websites and blogs. Wordpress hosting provides the users with the facility to host their websites and blogs on their server on shared basis. It further helps the end-users by providing pre-installed scripts for creating the web-pages and content. However, in addition to this, some editable files are also made available for the self-hosted users (end-users having their own servers).


Generally speaking developing a website or a blog involves a set of tasks, such as creating web-pages, applying styles to the content written and applying themes to the web pages itself, and much more. And, once the web –pages or a blog is created, it needs to be hosted with some web hosting service provider in order to make the website / blog available over the web. All these tasks require having some basic understanding of the technicalities involved. But, having said this doesn’t means that the people with limited or no knowledge about the technicalities involved, cannot host their websites or blogs.


Here comes the significance of Wordpress hosting.


Wordpress hosting is more advantageous in comparison to other web hosting services.  Certain advantages of Wordpress hosting include:


  • Cheap web hosting service: Wordpress hosting provides the end users with the benefits of shared hosting platform. Wordpress hosting works on a perception that the end-users needs only limited space on the server and a little bandwidth; just similar to pre-requisites for shared hosting.
  • Ease of maintenance: Wordpress hosting is handled using a web based admin panel, such as cPanel. Its features help in separating the design related elements from the content related elements. Hence, the user concentrates on managing the content and some pre-defined themes are made available for managing the design related elements.
  • Freedom from technical knowledge: Wordpress works on advanced technology that allows the users to contribute without having a basic understanding of the codes and technicalities involved.


Different types of Wordpress hosting models have been cited. These include:


  • Wordpress Business hosting, which is best suited for business needs.
  • Wordpress Shared hosting, which is best suited for novices and individuals.


Some advocate that as Wordpress is an open source content management and blog hosting tool, the Wordpress hosting is not as secure, but, contrary to this fact, many leading brands prefer Wordpress hosting over other platforms for fulfilling web-hosting needs.


Mbric Solutions provides a complete spectrum of wordpress hosting services to individuals and entrepreneurs serving all business domains. There is a hundred percent assurance of satisfaction and hassle free hosting while giving the basic understanding of using wordpress. 

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