Basic Essentials of Copyrights on Web

Basic Essentials of Copyrights on Web



Basic Essentials of Copyrights on Web

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The concept of copyright on websites seems like a difficult thing to understand for a few sections of people. How difficult is it to understand that a thing that one has not created, which could be a simple content built on a beautiful mesh of words or an intricate piece of art, he or she does not have a right to use it for their personal purpose? One ought to remember that using someone else’s graphics or text without seeking permission to use it, is an infringement of copyright and legal action could be taken against the person who plagiarises.


But, let’s try to understand the concept of copyright clearly in all its senses.  Copyright refers to the right, which the owner of a piece of art or any other creative work has, so as to reproduce it or permit anyone else to use or reproduce his work. The works that can be included under copyrights are -


  • Work of photography and art like pictures, paintings, drawings etc.
  • Work of literature like stories, articles, journals or modern electronic work like computer programs or applications or games  
  • Architecture blueprints
  • Music composition or songs    
  • Written plays, screenplays, lyrics etc.     
  • Moving images like movies, videos, music videos, audio visuals


One may argue that he was not aware of a particular work being copyrighted. However, almost all of the creative or literary work that involves the imaginary skills of the owner of the work would most likely be copyrighted.


Printing web page, copying the JavaScript, HTML or other code from a website and, downloading content like pictures, movies, videos, music etc are known to be important elements of copyright that if reproduced by any individual or company can be considered to be a web crime.


A large section of people having copyrights over a web page do not mind people using their webpage for personal purposes. However, when it comes to printing their webpage, they might take it as an infringement to the copyrights they hold.


It is very common these days to see copyrights being infringed upon since it become difficult to track people who do it unless the copyright owner comes to know of it either by themselves or by the people. You might see copyright notices on Web pages very often. However, you should know that sometimes, even when the website does not give any notices or information about copyright on their page; it is very much protected under the copyright laws. However, for web page owners, it is always best to put up copyright notice in their websites. In case, the website owner puts up his professional work including pictures, videos music etc. he should put across a watermark or a bug on the image that could not be edited out so as to discourage plagiarism from people who might be tempted to make some money out of the owner’s efforts and works. There are applications that help owners of content to put up watermarks on their printed work, which could either be their name or their logo.


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