Basics about Shared Hosting

Basics about Shared Hosting



Basics about Shared Hosting


Shared Hosting is one of the types of web hosting services, in which a website shares its hosting space with many other websites on a web-server. Shared Hosting is famous in many other names as well, including: Shared Services or Shared Web Hosting Service or Virtual Hosting or Virtual Hosting Service or Derive Host. In a technical sense, every website is believed to reside in its own location or partition on the web-server, away from other websites on that server.


Typically, there are two types of shared hosting, namely: Free Shared Hosting and Paid Shared Hosting. Paid Shared Hosting has enhanced features in comparison to its free counter-part – Free Shared Hosting, which has only limited features. Unlike paid shared hosting, bandwidth, disk space, database support are all limited in free shared hosting service.


Advantages of shared hosting include:


  • Optimum resource Allocation and usage: All the websites share a common pool of resources such as: RAM CPU, disk space, bandwidth and others; this ultimately leads to optimum resource usage. Generally speaking, the disk space and bandwidth provided in any package is more than what is actually consumed. So, by sharing the resources wastage is reduced, and resources are utilized optimally.
  • Control in Expenses: As the web-server, its operating system and its related software(s) are shared amongst the websites, the total cost of maintaining the server gets distributed amongst all the websites on the same server. This helps in controlling expenses at the website owner’s part.
  • Customer Support: Website owners need not worry about the server related problems.
  • They are taken care by the web hosting services providers only. In addition to this, the web service providers are also responsible for other technical issues, such as: software installation (whenever required), updating security measures, providing technical support (as per the terms and conditions laid out during the contract signing) and other server related services. Hence, website owners just need to focus on their business related aspects.


Shared hosting is a popular web hosting service for the website owners (personal websites or small or mid-sized business owners) with low website traffic or light websites (with more static pages). Not only this, novice webmasters also find shared hosting to be useful as it provides a great working experience with only limited technical know-how. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal are some of the successful examples of shared hosting.


Whether you know the basics of shared hosting or not, Mbric provides an end-to-end solution for shared hosting for all domains for better insight into the web world and for better business exposure. 

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