Basics about cPanel Hosting

Basics about cPanel Hosting



Basics about cPanel Hosting


cPanel hosting is one of the most popular types of shared hosting control panels. CPanel is a web control panel allowing an easy management of web hosting related tasks.

Users selecting cPanel hosting as a preferred web hosting choice can perform the web hosting related tasks such as management of FTP accounts, databases, accessing logs, over viewing statistics, etc. easily through the channel of a web browser. Some additional tasks that can be performed using cPanel login include setting up cron jobs, adding new domains to account, managing sub-domains, and setting up e-mail accounts as per the permissible conditions. An overview of these tasks is presented as follows:


FTP account Management using cPanel: cPanel hosting provides the utility of setting up FTP account. FTP accounts in cPanel hosting are used for uploading or downloading the files on the server. The FTP accounts can be further used for creating more new accounts, modifying or editing the already existing accounts, configuring folder assessing permissions and other similar permissions.

Database Management using cPanel: cPanel hosting provides the utility of creating new databases and managing the existing databases with an ease. Through cPanel login, the database administrators can allot new users and provide permissions to these database users as well.

Assessing server logs and statistics using cPanel: cPanel hosting helps in accessing the latest server information, such as: current server stats which includes memory usage, CPU cycles completed, server load and much more; all depending upon the configuration or in simpler word say access provided by the web hosting service provider. Some tools of interest may include latest visitors, visitor’s related information, website error logs and bandwidth information.

File Management using cPanel: cPanel hosting provides with a utility called ‘File Manager’. File Manager in cPanel is an effective tool for managing files online. Users can upload, download modify files and edit file / folder permissions using the cPanel web control panel, with an ease.


Technically speaking, cPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel. The graphical interface of the control panel makes it easier for the website administrators – website owners, resellers (if any) and database administrators (if any); to gain control over various website administration aspects, all through a standardized web browser.


Being a Linux-based control panel, it can be purchased and downloaded online on any server around the world. With every purchase comes additional customer support, installation support and migration assistance for migrating files from one server to another.


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