Business Effectiveness of Web Portal Development

Business Effectiveness of Web Portal Development



Business Effectiveness of Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development

A web portal is a group of websites that mainly caters to serve many businesses simultaneously in the world of e-commerce. It acts as a one point of contact between trading partners, business owners, retailers and manufacturers with a vast resource of information and business specification.


The most common types of web portals available include enterprise portals, corporate portals, vertical portals, horizontal portals and knowledge portals. Each of these types has distinctive specifications and functions but a common element is that each is integrated with numerous synchronized functions and applications to serve the end users with greater ease and higher effectiveness.


Advantages of Web Portals


When it comes to web portal development, the art involves proficient execution of data transfer and effective communication strategies. Further to this, there are various other business benefits of developing a web portal. Some of the known advantages are as follows:


·       There is better engagement between businesses, service providers and customers. Owner of the portal can desire to have an online community and further enhance customer engagement.

·       Each web page marks a sign of distinctiveness and business efficiency. Business owners tend to create engaging and thought-provoking pages.

·       Further all the business operations are streamlined through seamless automation of various business processes. This leads to higher business efficiency and enhanced productivity.

·       There is seamless third party integration. Whether it’s the third party tools, applications, systems or process, the integration is just flawless and brings forth a modular approach of brand presentation.


Innovative Technologies for Web Portals


In the recent years all the industries have witnessed great advancements and awe inspiring innovations. The world of internet is no exception. World Wide Web has come up with various innovative tools and technologies that have made web portal development more provoking and engaging. Some of the known ones are:


·       Flex: This is known to be a highly effective open source framework used for creating expressive web portals with seamless efficiency across all browsers and devices.

·       The Google Web Toolkit: This is a free set of tools from Google that works to resolve compatibility issues across all browsers.

·       jQuery: This is known to be a lightweight plug-in option for JavaScript and helps make independent portal development with various existing plug in options. 

·       HTML5: This is a wonderful computer language that works to present online content in a wonderful manner with an option of easy editing and revision.

MS Silverlight: This is introduced by Microsoft and works in line with Adobe Flex. However, it has better functions and works seamlessly to put special emphasis on graphics, visual effects and multimedia elements. 

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