SEO Works to Add New Dimensions to Your Business

SEO Works to Add New Dimensions to Your Business



SEO Works to Add New Dimensions to Your Business

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimizing the website to gain maximum traffic and attracting readers to the site is a dream of every webmaster. Internet is one medium which an entrepreneur will never leave out to reach out to the masses and make business and SEO one easy step to business success.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of revamping the ranking of a website with search engines. It basically aims at increasing the number of visitors to a website by improving its ranking. SEO is a methodology to raise visibility of a site in the search results of the web users, so that it can be found easily by the search engine. Top businesses or products are made to appear frequently in the search results of the web visitor by using features of Search Engine Optimization services.


Features of SEO


·       Internally linked structure- Insearch engine optimized content the web pages of a site are internally linkedso as to allow Google to identify the most important pages of a website.

·       Keyword Optimization- The search engine optimization involves proper and appropriate usage of keywords in content of the website so as to make the content more eye-catching.

·       Titles and headings-Important headings that are the most relevant to the content of website are highlighted. The fonts, size and accuracy of the headings and titles is taken care of.

·       Auto generated sitemaps- Automatically generated sitemaps help Google to index the content of website quickly by determining the order in which pages are to be seen.


Common Mistakes of SEO


·       Ineffective Page Titles:  It would be always easy for your potential customers to reach you via a search engine if you are clear on what you are catering to. Suppose, you own a financial website which specializes in providing portfolio management services to clients and you have outsourced the major part of your content to an outside firm.

·       Focus on pictures than content: It is often said that pictures speak louder than words, but this is not the case when information on the site is concerned as pictures are often ignored by the search engines. Hence, beware when your webmaster is trying to make some quick bucks out of your money by placing important keywords within the pictures and then placing them randomly on your site for aesthetic appeal. While looks of the site are certainly important for the site, content is prime importance and the one which the user searches. Hence, clearly avoid the excessive use of aesthetic pictures like piggy bank or money bags on your site and instead try to strive to provide quality content on the site.

·       Neglecting Google Analytics: While using analytics like bounce rates, traffic sources, click-throughs, and other pertinent information will tell you if what you’re doing is working, neglecting the analytics and focusing only on the hits perspective will not prove to be much of a use to your site.  For example, if you are analyzing only hits per day and are neglecting the bounce rate (people leaving the immediately without buying or making good of your services) you are surely calling off your perspective future growth rate. Hence, restricting your website to the number of hits per would prove to be useful but only in conjunction with other numbers.


SEO Services Include


·       Search engine optimization provides a number of services. Some of them are listed here.

·       Timely reporting and analysis.

·       Analyzing the website’s structure and providing knowledge of relevancy.

·       Contextual marketing to build connections for better brand awareness.

·       Maintaining collaboration with vendors and thus optimizing the resources.

·       Reviewing and cleaning up of backlink profiles.

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